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Probably the best indication of the high quality of a stay is our repeat business. Many guests come back again and again, bringing or telling their friends. (The record so far is 18 years!) Here's what some of our (repeat) guests have said about The Aster House Apts. short-term apartments:

"A perfect place" - D. & A.J., Indiana

"So very special !!!" - M.K. & E.G., Illinois

"Restful spot to stay" - H.K., Germany

"We were very fortunate to find Fran and Centennial House" - D.F., Italy

"This was a special treat" - A.B & J.A., India

"What a great place!" - A.M., Mexico

"It's a jewel!" - P.W. & J.W., Michigan

"Enchanting place and accommodating hosts" - J.M. & D.M., Ohio

"Wish we could take this place with us" - M.H., New York

"We're coming back!" - S.L., K.J., J.W., Kansas

"Enjoyable visit! Wonderful hosts. Looking forward to next time" - D.S. & J.B., Hawaii

"You made us feel welcome and pampered --- as always!" - T.G., Colorado

"Thanks for a magical stay. We love your home!" - J.C. & B.C., Australia

"Can't get better than this" - N.S., California

"The little touches made us feel more like friends than guests" - F.D. & L.G., France

"One of the most enjoyable vacations we've ever had!" - H.S. & L.S., Alabama

"Even better than before! Son Alex votes it the best so far in Chicago!" - D.C. & family, California

"I was tempted to spend more time here than exploring Chicago" - M.N., Colombia

"We've been very comfortable and happy here. Our host made us feel like old friends!" - D.A. & J.P., England

"We are taking home with us warm and wonderful memories" - M.H. & family, Sweden

"You've spoiled us rotten!" - J.P. & G.M., Florida

"We would be enchanted to return some day!" - Spain

"I wish we could stay forever!" - M.H., Delaware

"Thank you so much for the slice of heaven!" - M.N., Connecticut

"There are no words enough to express our gratitude; You are amazingly great!!" - B.H. & G.H., Brazil

"Thanks for being such a Grrrreat host!" - A.M., Malaysia

"All the little touches were so special!" - A.H. & family, Massachusetts

"We'll tell friends and business associates about our great discovery" - E.M. & C.M., Illinois

"Loved the atmosphere!" - G.C., Sri Lanka

"What a find!" - F.S. & K.S., California

"Why stay in a hotel when you can have all this?!" - S.M., Kentucky

"I've stayed all over the world, and once in Europe I was mistaken for a Nobel prize winner of the same last name and given their best room and hospitality. But it was not as wonderful as Elizabeth's Place - this is by far the best place I've ever stayed in my many travels." - C.W., California